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It’s happening!!

Come find us at booth 302!!

Yo I’m at Bronycon at booth 302!! Come give us a visit if you’re here!!

Happy 2 year anniversary!!

(Message from the mod:) I can’t believe it’s been so long. This blog was honestly the start of a really fun part of my life for me. Thank you everyone for following!

I’m very sorry that I haven’t been able to update much. I have a real problem with biting off more than I can chew. I thought the summer would give me more time, but the two summer courses I’m taking took up more time than I thought. Then there’s the matter of me making money, getting ready for college, and also Bronycon which has been taking up a lot of time as well.

I still enjoy having this blog though, it’s one of the few art things I just do for fun. In the past year I’ve become a lot better at organizing, I’ll try to make it a higher priority to update here. I might try to be a little more casual with updates too. Previously I’ve been so OCD about making things perfect, but that just makes things annoying for me and you. I’ll try to be less of a stick in the mud.

I’m sorry for the text wall. I do have an update that’s almost done actually. I should be able to get it done before Bronycon. Look forward to it!!

But… but there’s no way he would ever notice me…


((As most of you know, RoflJay is the mod of Ask Acetic Rarity, and is also one of my really great friends. However, there is something that you may not know about him…))

((RoflJay is also the savior of this blog. If it wasn’t for Jay, this blog would have never come back from it’s last hiatus. He inspired me to keep going, and like many great friends, he stuck with me. While we haven’t talked recently due to him being in college, he’s kept me going ever since we talked to eachother about our blogs for the first time. I can’t thank him enough for that, but the least I can do was draw this for him.))

((Thank you for everything, Jay. I hope we talk again soon, man!))


I wanted to draw a response to this but couldn’t find the time. *insert Rarity Sweetie Belle collab beam attack here*

Again I’m flattered that I was able to help you in this way ;3; I wish you the best with your blogging!

Sorry for not doing that updating thing

College really takes up a lot of time, and the time I do have I end up spending hanging out with people. The blog is by no means dead though, I’ll try to make another update soon but they will definitely be at a much slower pace.

Oh yeah and I’ve gotten a lot of followers since I last mentioned it so don’t forget I have a mod blog that I do actually update often so if you want you can follow my musings there:


"We fought for ah while. Then she kept giving me fashion tips. Something about Fashion and Fighting. Ah dunno. Maybe next time"

((Ft: Acetic Rarity, whom I assume is the Rarity anon meant. AJ fought Acetic Rarity in my first attempt at animation back in june!)) 

"I’m really just jealous for not thinking of the diamond drills myself."

((Sorry I totally didn’t notice this somehow. College really keeps ya busy.))

Here you have an armour, forged to suit your epic needs!

An upgraded suit from my weapons specialist!
Thanks Shieldmaiden, keep doing what you do!

Here you have an armour, forged to suit your epic needs!

An upgraded suit from my weapons specialist!

Thanks Shieldmaiden, keep doing what you do!

I may have some essence of salt and vinegar chips.

(This update was brought to you with real Terry-o-vision! Special thanks to Terry! For it being his birthday, so I can get away with doing an update like this)

We’re doomed